Author of Faith and Hope

If you found this page, you have found the author and co-creator of this website. I say “co-creator” because I could have never authored all of the information in this website, Faith and Hope, without my Creator and the influence of so many others that have inspired me to reach people on a worldwide platform.

What I believe;

I believe that I am voluntarily driven towards a magnificent goal,
(no other term can be applied to a divine purpose),
and I am not in the least heading toward poverty or obscurity.
This is the way I think,
the way I am,
and nothing in the world will change me.
I will not apologize for who I am driven to be.

I only discovered one of my purposes a few years ago, to help others by providing an honest look at the way I view my Creator, life, and people.

I have tried to present this information without religious overtones, because I do not believe that our Creator wanted the Institution of Religion to imply rules and regulations as the only way for us to spend eternity with the Source.

I may be wrong on this, but I won’t know until I get there and neither will you.

I have known for years that the Spiritual Gifts given to me are foremost; Mercy. I have been blessed with other gifts as well, Faith, Wisdom, and Knowledge.
I do not believe that I have more faith than other people, nor do I believe that I am the wisest or have any more knowledge than anyone else; they are gifts that I have to learn to use that will best benefit who my Creator brings in my life.


Some people may think I am too honest or too forthright, I have never cared about what other people thought of me. When it is all said and done, the only opinion I care about is that of my Creator. At the end of my days, I most want to hear God say, “This is my child, I am pleased with her.”

“If you are able to assist people in seeing the light of
divinity within themselves and foster self-discovery,
then you will  have made a real contribution toward
the ultimate enlightenment of the human race.”

Michael Newton