Love Letters To Read

What we have been given are love letters to read.
Let’s talk about love, what you feel, or so you think…
Some call it an emotion, but I consider it a verb.

Love is the act of showing kindness, respect, affection, concern, empathy, forgiveness, compassion, mercy, and the desire to want what is best for the other person.

  • It does not force
  • It is not dismissive
  • It does not get even
  • It is not self-centered

I believe all of the things about what love “is”, but whether it is a platonic or romantic relationship, at some point your feelings will be hurt.
Dealing with hurt or rejection is not always easy and we say things out of pain that are not our true feelings, only emotional response and flawed human characteristics.
However, does that mean we stop loving the other person?

When you love someone, you learn to forgive, because love cannot exist without forgiveness, and forgiveness cannot exist without love.

Love lets go of pride and clings to humility.

It comes to those who still hope even though they have been disappointed, to those who still believe even though they know betrayal, and to those who still love even though they have been hurt before.

When you allow others to stop you from loving, it will change the person that you are. Never let them change who you are, love them anyway.

What is love?
It is when someone knows everything about you and still wants to be with you, its love.
It is when they trust you enough to tell you everything, even the shameful things, and are comfortable and secure when telling you.

It is not the audible word when spoken, but the way it fills your heart and soul when heard. It is learned and learned again. It never ends.

Here are some guidelines to simplify what real love is.


Click here for a love letter video

You were created to be loved and to love others.

Lions exist for a reason and they are wild and free, to roam the land and survive by instinct.  When we cage them up, we cut off the very reason they were created in the first place.  Just like people that refuse to allow love in their lives, it contradicts the very reason they were created.

What is love?
The “original” writing of the Bible was not a book of rules; it is love letters to read.

“A wise lover values not so much the gift of the lover as the love of the giver. ”
– Thomas A. Kempis