Hope Whispers

Hope whispers and keeps something alive in us even when the evidence to a particular circumstance says otherwise.

It is a spiritual grace and is distinct from positive thinking, which refers to a psychological process for reversing pessimism.

Your Creator knows your struggles, your pain, and your needs.
You will never be forgotten or abandoned.

Forget those things that are behind you and pursue the things that are ahead of you.
You have a purpose and calling on your life, you are one of a kind and loved.

Try to be patient; it is never over until your Creator says it is over.
You have a divine destiny and no forces on Earth or in Hell can take that from you.

The Creator of the universe remembers you


You are in the palm of His hand.

Even after hearing “no” time after time, or not hearing anything at all, do not give up. The right people are in your path and you will meet them when it is time, timing is everything.

One day you will look back and see how all the pieces fit together, the dots will connect, the good choices and the bad choices that we made, and then you will understand that everything happened for a reason.

When I feel that pang of regret, I have to remember and know that there was a reason it did not work out the way I wanted, what do they say about not getting what we want?
“Experience is what you get, when you don’t get what you want.”

When you feel that all your strength is gone, when you have prayed and cannot pray any longer, when discouragement and despair seem to overwhelm you, it does not matter how long it has been, our Creator can turn around. You can follow the Light of the world and not live in darkness, but you have to believe it in your soul, not just your mind.

Hope whispers and you can do what the natural cannot, people and circumstances change, and miracles still happen.

When the world says, “Give up”
Hope whispers, “Try it one more time”
– Author Unknown